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Sending internationally?

Reach 190+ countries with Australia Post’s international delivery service. Find out how MyPost Business or an International Parcel Contract can help you streamline and save on sending overseas.

Sending sensitive or special freight?

Find out about our Secure Express and Special Services logistics solutions for sensitive freight, such as difficult-to-deliver items and military equipment.

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Add Transit Warranty

For extra peace of mind, you can purchase Transit Warranty which provides financial security for your deliveries in the event of loss or damage. 

Manage your deliveries with APIs

Add our delivery API to your eCommerce website, so you can easily:

  • Lodge shipping orders
  • Track parcels
  • Give shipping rates
  • Check addresses
  • Print labels
  • Handle shipping payments

StarTrack APIs are powered by the same functionality used in today’s top websites and apps. Our APIs are scalable and flexible, making it easy for you to add new services to meet your changing business needs.

1 Most articles delivered next business day when using this service. Next–business-day delivery is only available between capital cities (excluding Darwin, and for Perth between CBDs only) and some major centres. Items exceeding maximum weight and size limits, or items that require manual handling (including dangerous goods) may result in further delays. 

2 Delivery on national or state-based public holidays, weekends and outside of business hours is for eligible customers only. Costs may apply to become an eligible customer.

3 Excludes delivery on Christmas Day (25 December), except for eligible customers with eligible movements (i.e. Emergency Medical Consignments).