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Spend $5,000+ p. a. on international parcel sending? Connect to global markets with a flat rate contract for up to 500g, 1kg and 2kg parcels.

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Whether you've got a product to sell, a new market to expand to, a new range to launch, or a new customer you'd like to find, StarTrack can help you make it happen.


Taking your products to Australia, and the world

We’re Australia’s largest parcel delivery service, with more options for delivering and collecting parcels to every address in Australia, and throughout the world.

Giving your customers choice

It’s important that people have choice with delivery. With over 4,000 Post Offices and 24/7 Parcel Lockers1 in our network, we can give your customers the most convenient delivery and returns options out there.

Partnering with the best

We're collaborating with Australia's most iconic and emerging online brands, to create new and exciting delivery options at the checkout.

Delivering your competitive advantage

We are passionate about helping you deliver value to your customers. See how a partnership with StarTrack can help you to acheive a competitive advantage.

Our promise

Partnering with StarTrack gives your business access to unbeatable services and solutions.

An incomparable offering

Create great customer experiences with more delivery choices, reliable returns and industry-leading eCommerce and logistics solutions.

An unrivalled delivery network

When you’re growing your business, you need a partner with the reach and reliability to get your parcels exactly where they need to go.

A team that goes the extra mile

Whether it’s in the warehouse, on the road or at head office, all StarTrack employees have one thing in mind – premium customer service.

Solutions for every business

StarTrack offers a wide range of sending, receiving, eCommerce and logistics solutions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, use our Solution Builder

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  1. Parcel Lockers terms and conditions apply. Collection time limits apply.

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