2 June 2022

Make sure it's packed correctly

It’s critical to package your freight correctly so it can be processed and delivered to your customers as safely as possible.

  • Place a ‘Heavy’ sticker on items over 20kg and accurately record the weight in your manifest and on your consignment label.
  • Secure items 32kg and over to a pallet or a skid for handling by Load Sorting Equipment (LSE).
  • Ensure you complete a manifest. Items that are sent through without a manifest will be held from delivery until one is received.

Complying with correct addressing, labelling and manifest preparation standards, as well as using appropriate packaging, are all obligations covered in your contract.

A StarTrack ‘Heavy’ sticker showing a person lifting a heavy box with a square to specify the number of kilograms the box weighs. The person is bending their knees as a reminder to ‘bend your knees’ and use ‘caution when lifting’
A StarTrack ‘Caution when lifting’ sticker showing a heavy weight with "KG" written on it to signify it is a heavy box

Support and more information

We’re here to support you and your business. For more information about sending safely, our delivery processes, or advice on how to send a particular item, contact your account manager or speak to staff at your Australia Post lodgement point.