Netsuite: The move to true customer-centric commerce

In today's ultra-competitive, fast-changing retail environment, retailers need to be both agile and streamlined. Cut out the clutter by implementing systems and strategies that reduce complexity for both internal staff and, ultimately, the customer.

How do you do this? By taking tasks to the cloud; and by linking all these tasks in the one, seamless system.

A partnership between NetSuite and Australia Post is enabling exactly this, by delivering an integrated solution for merchants and omnichannel commerce businesses using postal services in Australia.

These companies can manage mission-critical business operations within one cloud system – from financials, inventory management, order management, ecommerce and warehouse management, to fulfilment, delivery, collection and customer relationship management (CRM).

"By partnering with eCommerce platforms and marketplaces like NetSuite, we are operating in the same space as our business customers. We are where they are doing business. And we're making it easy for them to connect and work with us in their native environments of choice – wherever that may be," says Ben Franzi, General Manager of Sales, Global eCommerce Platforms for Australia Post.

Responding to new challenges

With the explosion of customer touchpoints – in-store, online, mobile, voice, advertising, social media – today's savvy consumer can reach out to retailers any time, from any place, and from any channel. In this omnichannel world, retailers suddenly find themselves having to satisfy a much more complex web of consumer demands.
While there are many IT systems that facilitate this complexity, often the systems are not integrated –that is, they don't 'talk' to each other. This lack of integration causes a range of problems:

  • High costs – IT support and resourcing are more costly when there is a duplication of effort across different systems
  • Poor performance – increased risk of errors from manual reporting and and back-end processing, which has a flow-on effect to the brand's reputation if orders are charged or sent incorrectly
  • Inability to grow – without flexible systems in place, the ability to expand into markets or introduce new sub-brands is prohibitive

Through partnerships like that of Australia Post and NetSuite, these problems are eliminated. All systems are brought under the one umbrella, and the whole is designed with both retailer and consumer needs in mind.

A seamless eCommerce experience

NetSuite offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based services to support the ecommerce, CRM, inventory and accounting requirements of retailers.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce, in particular, enables businesses to manage interactions with other businesses and directly with consumers on a single cloud platform across multiple touchpoints including websites, smartphones, tablets, in-store and social media, delivering an enhanced customer experience. Of course, it works seamlessly with the other elements of the NetSuite system.

Add the Australia Post offering and the system moves to a whole new level. The range of AustraliaPost services available through NetSuite include:

  • Parcel lockers – customers can click and collect from hundreds of convenient locations 24/7*
  • Parcel collect – allows customers to send their parcel to thousands of conveniently located Post Offices to collect**
  • Parcel rates – provides merchants with accurate information about shipping/delivery costs to help them refine their shipping strategy
  • Track and trace – provides the receiver with a tracking number to track the product on the Australia Post website
  • Print label – enables merchants to lodge directly off their website rather than having to jump into a separate application
  • Dispatch parcel – enables merchants to send a parcel with Australia Post

Again, it's a seamless experience for the user. Tasks that could've been complex and difficult are suddenly streamlined and simple – and the result is a smoother experience for shoppers and more return customers.