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Get same-day delivery across Australia

Time is critical. You need to get an item across Australia, today. The answer is Next Flight1 - the quickest, highest priority service to get your item anywhere in Australia in the fastest possible time.

With live support coordinated by our 24-hour customer service team, Next Flight collects your item and delivers it to the next available flight. Once it lands, we get your item from the airport to its destination as soon as possible.

To arrange your Next Flight service with StarTrack call us on 13 1693.

We're always ready to deliver

Access is everything when you need to move items quickly. We can offer you access to over 750 flights every day of the year to make sure your delivery gets to its destination in the quickest possible time, even on weekends.

With electronic dispatch, live tracking and delivery confirmation, you’ll have full visibility of your parcels' journey from door to door, 24/7 all year-round.

Next Flight also offers you:

  • Pick-up and delivery 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • 24 hour dedicated phone number and contact centre
  • Online tracking

Trust our network for your urgent deliveries

When it comes to the most important, high-pressure deliveries, there's no margin for error. Whether it's delivering transplant organs for urgent operations or machinery parts to time-sensitive industries like mining and pharmaceuticals, we understand a mistake or delay could cost millions of dollars, even lives.

We know how important these high-stakes jobs are, so no matter what the item or how urgent it is, you can rely on the Next Flight team.

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  1. Delivery times are dependent on when the booking is made and distance.

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