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Crossing the ditch: selling to New Zealand

Want to sell in New Zealand? Thanks to Australia Post's relationship with New Zealand Post, StarTrack customers have a unique access point into this key market.

Comparing our markets

At around AU$2.73 billion1 per year, the New Zealand eCommerce market is equivalent to the WA, NT and Tasmanian markets put together! Over 17 million Australians and nearly 2 million Kiwis shop online.

We buy similar things

The most common online purchases in New Zealand are electronics, apparel, personal accessories, books and magazines. We spend around the same amount each year, with online shoppers spending an average of $2,300 in New Zealand and $2,400 in Australia.2

Kiwis love to buy overseas

While our online markets have grown at very similar rates over the past few years, Kiwis spend more at international merchants (41%) compared with Australians (24.5%).3 Australian online retailers are perfectly positioned to meet this demand.

Fun fact: Kiwis spend more at domestic sites during the week and more on international sites on weekends.4

Marketing to New Zealand

When marketing to Kiwi consumers, you may consider targeting a specific website or a geographical area. Accounting for around 75% of total online spending, the North Island is the most lucrative area, with Auckland the biggest city for purchasing.5

The most popular websites are the ones you'd expect: Google, Facebook and YouTube. For more information, download our full report at: startrack.com.au/NZ.

Getting there (and back)

Thanks to our partnership with New Zealand Post, you can send your consignments to New Zealand with the same ease and control as your domestic freight. The StarTrack and Australia Post network takes care of your parcel on this side of the Tasman, and New Zealand Post takes care of the last mile of delivery. Thanks to our end-to-end network, returns are also made easy, which removes barriers to purchase for potential customers.

Watch this video to learn more


Want to sell in New Zealand? Did you know the New Zealand eCommerce market is worth nearly three billion dollars a year? That's more than the eCommerce markets of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania combined! If you're an Australian online retailer, selling to New Zealand is a no-brainer. Sure, Aussies and Kiwis have our differences but when it comes to online shopping, we tend to buy the same things from the same kinds of stores. And on average, we spend about the same amount per year as well! The most popular product categories are electronics, clothing and footwear, personal accessories, books and magazines. And what's more, Kiwis are increasingly looking to overseas retailers for products. Last year Kiwis spent over a billion dollars at overseas online retailers. Thanks to Australia Post's relationship with New Zealand Post, StarTrack can help you acquire customers in New Zealand through market insights and customer data reach Kiwi consumers through direct marketing and fulfilment capabilities, and deliver and return to New Zealand through our international parcel delivery solutions. It means you can sell to Kiwi customers with the same ease as your domestic freight. We manage the logistics and customs on this side of the Tasman, and New Zealand Post manages the last mile of delivery. Australia Post to StarTrack Post Call 13 2345

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