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Delivery options: what should I offer my customers?

With so many delivery options available, it's hard to know what to offer your customers. See all your options here.

More choices please

With so many delivery options available these days, it's hard for businesses to know which options to offer customers. While your choice will hinge on your business needs and your customer demands, our research shows that nine out of ten consumers crave more delivery options.

Gone are the days of waiting four weeks for packages to arrive. People are demanding more and more from their service providers, and delivery is no different. For retailers, now is the time to think about which delivery options to offer your customers. You could have the slickest browsing interface and the smoothest purchasing process, only to fall down at the final hurdle of delivery.

A poor customer experience at the end of the supply chain can affect how your customers see your entire business, so it needs to be as polished as possible. Meeting these expectations, or even exceeding them, can give your business the competitive advantage.

So what are the options?

Below is an outline of delivery options available to businesses using the Australia Post and StarTrack network. It's a real smorgasbord, so you'll have to consider which ones are the most appropriate for your business and for your customers.

  • Same Day metro couriers
    Couriers deliver across the metro areas of Australian capital cities by van or bike within the day of dispatch, often within a few hours1. Same Day deliveries are the gold standard in express delivery, to make sure the product arrives in the same metropolitan area that day. Some businesses, such as The Iconic, are excelling in this area by offering Same Day delivery within the Sydney metro area if products are ordered before 5pm on weekdays.
  • Next Day
    This service ensures your package will arrive the very next business day*. It's especially attractive to last-minute shoppers, particularly around Christmas and anniversaries. Let your customers know what the cut-off time for ordering is to ensure Next Day delivery.
  • MyPost Deliveries
    Customers with a MyPost account using Parcel Post, Express Post, or StarTrack Premium have access to more delivery choices than any other service provider.
  • Express
    Express usually involves delivery within 3-5 business days. It's faster than regular delivery, but slower than the Same Day and Next Day services.
  • Weekends
    Our research shows that around 20% of Australian consumers prefer weekend delivery, and this option is available for certain parcel types on Saturdays within selected areas**.
  • Delivery windows
    Customers can also select a 2-hour window for their parcel to be delivered to their home through MyPost Deliveries for certain parcel types.
  • Leave unattended
    Most are happy for their parcel to be left by the courier in a safe place at their home, such as 'behind the bins' or 'next to the pot plant'. In fact, nearly 30% of online apparel consumers are happy for their deliveries to be safely dropped at the door1.
  • Post Office
    People who work during the day often can't get to their local Post Office during opening hours, so they may prefer to send their parcels to a Post Office near their work. Now that StarTrack is a business of Australia Post, customers can pick from most Post Offices around the country, giving them a far wider range of possible pick-up points. This is especially attractive to 9-5 workers.
  • Parcel Lockers
    With more than 230 locations across Australia, Parcel Lockers provide that extra level of convenience for day workers and the time-poor. They are safe, open 24/7, and will hold a parcel for 48 hours at no charge to the customer. So your customer could pick up a parcel after a late night at the office***.
  • Tracking
    Parcel tracking provides peace of mind. With automated facilities, customers can now see every stage of the delivery process for selected parcels, from dispatch to delivery, on their mobile device, computer or tablet, and even through the new Apple Watch App.
  • Redirect while in transit
    MyPost Deliveries gives people the option of re-directing their parcel while it's in transit. If their plans change, they can update their desired delivery address with MyPost Deliveries depending on the stage of delivery.
  • Free shipping
    While some businesses offer flat rate shipping, such as Booktopia and Catch of the Day, many online retailers offer free standard shipping.
  • Software
    Cloud-based services such as ShipIT can aggregate orders from multiple sale points and collate this information into a single order for your delivery provider – reducing your time spent on order fulfilment and making the entire delivery process faster. Other services such as Netsuite allow you to better track inventory and fulfil orders, making the entire delivery process smoother.

Meeting customer expectations

ustralians are generally happy with regular delivery. Yet often, the younger the consumer, the higher the demand for speedier delivery. The majority of Australians are happy with daytime delivery and for their parcel to be left in a safe place outside the home. Around one-third of shoppers are content with the 'leave unattended' option.

So how do you choose? Customers can be overwhelmed by choice, so consider curating a list of the most popular options. If your customers have a MyPost account, they can choose where their deliveries are sent within the App, such as a Post Office, Parcel Locker or home address***.

Knowing what people want is the key. Surveying your customers could be a great way to streamline your delivery choices menu. Why not run a simple competition on your website to gain insights into your customers?

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Article References & Disclaimers

  1. QOR Research, May 2015.
  2. * Same day, next day, express or overnight delivery is available from select locations and dependent on the time the booking is made, location and distance.
  3. ** We guarantee Saturday Delivery if you post your item on a Friday, to and within our Saturday Delivery network and meet the Express Post Saturday Delivery service conditions. This service will not operate on scheduled public holidays within the national, state and Saturday Delivery Express Post networks. If the public holiday falls on a Friday or Saturday, the next guaranteed day of delivery (for Express Post items posted before closing time on the business day before the public holiday) will be the next business day after the public holiday.
  4. *** Parcel Lockers terms and conditions apply. Collection time limits apply. Fees and charges will apply to carriers other than Australia Post and StarTrack to lodge parcels under the Parcel Locker and Parcel Collect (Post Office) services. This cost may be passed on to customers.